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Donate Because All Black People's Lives Are Important

Donor dollars are very important to Black CAP and they allow us to support program areas that our funders do not typically support. Without your support we would be unable to provide a range of important programs and services to Black, African and Caribbean people living in Toronto. With more than 3,000 Black people living with AIDS in Ontario and the majority of them living in Toronto we depend on your support. To make a onetime or monthly donation to Black CAP click here to donate online. If you would like to provide a donation to Black CAP through an automatic withdrawal from your bank account every month please call or email us at fundraising@black-cap.com.

Donate now

Thank you for helping us support Black people living with HIV and AIDS and helping us to prevent new HIV infections. Every dollar of every donation is targeted to programs and services for our clients.

Donors help Black CAP in a number of ways, including:

Emergency Financial Assistance

  • Our Emergency Financial Assistance (EFA) Program supports people living with HIV and AIDS (PHAs) at moments of financial hardship. This program supports costs such as utility bills, treatment costs, transportation, immigration expenses and other costs that are hard to cover.
  • For instance our EFA has helped a young mother who is living on the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) when she runs out of money for groceries at the end of the month. She comes to the agency and tells our support staff that she has no food left in the house and is out of baby formula. Black CAP’s EFA program provides the young mom with a cheque for $100 to cover end of month costs and a food voucher for $50 to buy some much needed food.
  • Every year Black CAP provides about $10K in EFA support to our clients, however the demand for these dollars continues to increase as the number of our clients grow. As one client tells us, “I’ve had to use the EFA program when all of my other options have run out, without it I could have ended up on the street or hungry”.
  • This program is important because PHAs are a group that often faces exceptional financial hardships due to barriers to employment, migration status, dependence on income assistance programs, and expensive treatments.   
  •  Programming for people living with HIV and AIDS  
  • Black CAP delivers a range of direct programming for people living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs)
  •  A young 19 year old refugee from Zimbabwe receives his diagnosis for HIV over the phone from his immigration doctor. Confused, scared and alone he comes to Black CAP to talk to someone he hopes will help him decide what to do next. Black CAP’s Settlement and Support programs help him pick up the pieces, supporting him to access treatment, housing, and a monthly support group for people newly diagnosed with HIV.
  • Programming for PHAs is important because it addresses the broad range of issues that PHAs face in our community such as social isolation, access to treatment information, peer support and navigating a complex immigration system.   
  • Donor dollars support a range of programming for PHAs in our community. Programming includes:
  •  An Annual Healing Retreat where our client get time away with their peers, attend workshops related to treatment and participate in wellness programming.
  • Monthly groups for those newly diagnosed with HIV, and long-term survivors.
  • An annual holiday party where individual clients and families are given gift baskets and gift certificates to make the holidays more enjoyable.
  • This program is a priority because there are significant gaps in programming for PHAs in Toronto. Existing programming does not address the full range of needs and challenges that PHAs face in their day-to-day lives.

 Prevention Programming

  • At a time when one in four new HIV diagnoses in Toronto are in our community and two out of every three women newly diagnosed with HIV are Black women, prevention programming is more important than ever.
  • Our prevention programming is focused on priority communities, including young women and young gay and bisexual men.
  • A young 13 year old girl is in a relationship with a 17 year old boy who she trusts with her life. They have sex often, but he insists on never using a condom, telling her that he is “clean”, she believes him. Then she sees a Black CAP poster at her school that asks the question, “what else isn’t he telling you?”and a link to the onenightyourchoice.com website where she finds information about better choices in her relationships and reducing her risk for HIV, STIs and unplanned pregnancy.  
  • A donation supports the development of resources, printing costs, events and other innovative outreach activities to spread the word about reducing HIV risk.


  • Black CAP has identified anti-homophobia programming as an important component of its HIV prevention and human rights programming. Homophobia is persistent and pervasive in our communities and innovative responses are required.
  • Gene is a young Jamaican man who has lived a life of violence at the hands of his father, mother and siblings because he was always thought to be a little too soft. At 19 he leaves Jamaica and comes to Canada as a refugee. A friend had told him about Black CAP and that there were staff there who could help with his immigration claim. He goes to the agency, meets with staff and is soon free from the violence in his life.
  • A donation in this area supports the promotion of Black CAP’s new Anti-Homophobia campaign, the delivery of workshops, and the sponsorship of emerging organizations.

 Outreach at Pride and Caribana

  • It is important for Black CAP to be visible at large community events; this allows us to get our message out to a large number of people within a short amount of time.
  • At such events Black CAP distributes important information which helps people to recognize their risk for HIV and STIs, reduce HIV related stigma, and raise an issue that is not commonly discussed.
  •  A young man who has never seen the issue of HIV/AIDS talked about in public, until he sees Black CAP staff and volunteers handing out condoms along the parade route. He has never seen the issue raised so he always assumed that he could never get HIV/AIDS. Since Caribana and other big community events in Toronto never seem to include space to talk about HIV/AIDS in our Black communities. Now that he recognizes that he is at risk he gets his first HIV test.
  • A donation supports costs such as outreach resources like t-shirts, flyers, condom wallets, special event costs and outreach programs.

Undesignated Gifts

  • Undesignated gifts are very important to Black CAP. They allow Black CAP to cover unexpected costs, innovative program expansion and the pilot testing of different program areas.

Gifts of Securities

  • By donating gifts of securities you can help Black CAP and potentially receive a significant tax break. To donate gifts of securities please click on the Canada helps link and follow the instructions.

Donate to help the Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention